About Us



Dragon Fly is the English name for the French Libellule which is a spirit of transformation and evolution.
It is a symbol of metamorphosis that inspires those operating changes to realize their potential.

Did you know that dragonflies start their life cycle in the water before becoming adults and fly through the air?

We likes to observe the power of this animal when we feel stuck in a situation, it helps us to see things differently.
Because the solution is often based on our ability to adapt and to look at the issue from a different angle.
The dragonfly in us wants to see others soar in any lightness.

We chose the purpose of our life, we chose to do everything as far as possible to express the best of ourself with depth and sincerity in every day that life will give us.
We want to love those who no longer have the strength to love themselves or to believe in their own light.

If life allows us to see your light, we will lend you our eyes so you may find it and reveal it to all.

We choose to circulate the life tools put at our disposal to activate the creativity of each one, hand in hand with our team, united by the same heartbeat.

We cannot all act on the distribution of life cards, but our creativity and our love CAN transform a disposable object into a musical instrument which warms hearts.
The Dragonfly NGO was born from this wish.