Our Founder


Country: UNIVERS age : I can’t count anymore around 8000 YEARS

The Dragonfly in me wants to see others soar in their lightness.

I choose the purpose of my life, I choose to do everything as far as possible to express the best of myself with depth and sincerity in every day that life will give me.

I want to love those who no longer have the strength to love themselves or to believe in their own light.

What ever you believe, about the aim of the Life?

If we all have a life “MISSION”?

what ever you believe that will be true for you, on your feeling because you believe on it.

So I can’t be sure of the reason of “why the world is like this and why I am on it”, I can’t be sure that everything happen for a Reason and “It’s destiny or Karma”, so the only things I understood is, what ever happen, would be great to do Something good from it.

I start to live for real the day I decided that the important SHOULD BE, who I decide to BE ,not who I was yesterday myself or my relatives. I decide to learn all I can to realize my Goal. I have been, fire woman, organic hairdress and Beautician , Seamstress and Trainer.

I went to study Ayurvedic health and beauty medecin in Pune, India. I wanted to know all those knwoledge and have my diploma in order to Train others to transform there life.

in fact, we may rebirth every day. 😉 Every experience may be usefull.

My favorite quotes : “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” So hurts, poverty, sadness and Madness may changes 😉 in good with some magic love, sharing …

― Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, Traité élémentaire de chimie”

So I decide to create opportunities because we can’t change people but we can show the way to who wants :)….