Tony Nguyai & David Chege


Tony Mwas

I am 27 years old , Kenyan nationality performing arts and sports (professional in Acrobatic) I work beyond world traveled in in different countries and learn their culture in dance and music training and exchange programs .
My dream is to see Nations coming together to able to promote the positive side of the African continent and People: the beautiful, vibrant, energetic, talented and inspiring men, women and children , in varied cultures and the arts as an expression of Life , Hope and creativity .
My aim is to commit myself with the social , professional and economic development of our artists to equip them with the skills.


My dreams is to have be able to continu to share our talent to the children and the adults, since there is so much poverty here and the youth getting into crime, some end up getting killed by police…
I wish that we can help children get into art before they get to crime…and teach them to live their lives the right way.n and tools to secure their empowerment and ensure their economic and social well-being and their place in society .