Our Actions

Our non profit organisation  has been helping, families, children and communities all around the world with education for sustainable development.

We hope to keep going, doing as much as we can.

We have been working closely with Mumbo Africa in a heart driven project helping streets kids in Kenya.
The founders of Mumbo Africa Tony and David are professional acrobats and performers who also came from poverty living in the streets of Nairobi.

We are also working closely with Yard “YOUTH ACTION FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT” also in Kenya. Working hand by hands existing solutions for water, health and education.

Encouraging communities to Harvest rain water to cater for their daily use.

We also support the amazing ” kwen non profitable organization, in Konyon Wenditai Empowerment network of 4000 women entrepreneurs, with table Banking.

Micro financing in Bomet areae leading National Women Network in Women Empowerment in Kenya.

We also like to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphenage and open awareness of Animals feelings and Earth protection.

Our organization start to support other organization long time ago, but we decide to share our actions with the world only 4 years ago.

So we have pictures of those old actions only in our mind. We have been helping in Uganda, Thaïlande, India, Cambodia, Mexico,Egypte,Morroco and soon in Congo,Togo,Japon and Nepal.

We DOES NOT receive any gouvernemental subvention or political or religious support in any kind.

We have been using for long time our own personal finances, but after years we decided to do more.

So we open up to you, and any help will be Always welcome.